Worth seeing

Worth seeing

copyright Stadtgemeinde Leoben, picture: Freisinger

Radwerk IV – The Sight of the Eisenstraße

Worldwide the only remaining charcoal blast furnace

Außenansicht vom Hochofenmuseum Radwerk IVRadwerk IV, © Erlebnisregion Erzberg, picture: Freisinger

The blast furnace Radwerk IV in Vordernberg (Styria) is an adventure of a special kind.

The Radwerk IV is the biggest iron historical Sight of the Eisenstraße und worldwide the only remaining charcoal blast furnace. He stands at the main square in Vordernberg where since more than 600 years until its closure in 1911 iron was produced. The impressive building stands with all facilities and equipment listed as a museum for visitors open all year.

The Hallway to the huge inside rooms, which group themselves in four floors around the blast furnace, is from the forman of the production process from ore to iron and the living and working world of the 19th century clearly explained.

You can see the then mining of ore based on models and pictures and the ore mining from Erzberg to the Radwerk. The Wagons and Hunte used for this as well as the charcoal transport facility are still the originals. A special attraction is the ore roasting plant, the huge smoke hood of the blast furnace, with a look down into the oven interior and the tapping hall, in which the outflow and solidification of the raw iron has taken place. The big watermill which gives the Radwerk its name is demonstrated.

In the neighboring blower house of Radwerk III, which also belongs to the museum one can see a steammachine from 1873 shown in motion, which next to the blower for the blast furnace drive stood.

Another attraction is the „Ferrum Magnificum“ in Radwerk IV, a multi vision of the development of iron and steel production till the present and the varied use of steel is shown.

The Radwerk is enclosed by a passenger lift and also accessible for people with disabilities.

The museum also includes the listed Raithaus, Hauptstraße 110, the former Steiermärkisch-Ständische Montan educational establishment from 1840 with the newly renovated garden, the Markscheide pavilion and the Lehrfrischhütte, in which on sepcial occasions or on order, in a historical ambiance the forge can be operational demonstrated.


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