Worth seeing

Worth seeing

copyright Stadtgemeinde Leoben, picture: Freisinger

Stibichhofen Castle in Trofaiach with museum

Church Castle, Youth Home and Town Museum

Außenansicht auf Schloss StibichhofenStibichhofen castle, © TV HerzBergLand, picture: Freisinger

The museum Stibichhofen is situated in the middle of Trofaiach town in Styria. It is originally a late gothic building from the 15th century, which was rebuilt in the 17th century.

The property on which the castle is located belonged to the Frauenstift Traunkirchen. That one probably had an iron melting furnace and operated a hammer mill. From 1862 till 1953 was family Rebenburg the owner of the Stibichhofen castle.

Since 1953 is the evangelic parish owner, whose castle church and youth home are housed. On the ground floor of the castle are the exhibition rooms of the town museum.

The focal point of the exhibition is:

Historical costumes around the Styrian Erzberg from the folklore collection of the merchant Franz Hofer.
Folk medicine: a special feature is the original pharmacy facility Trofaiach from 1904, more treasures are the medical equipment and utensils from the Pest doctor Adam von Lebenwald and Dr. Schlömmer from the 19th century.

The museum housed in the department of archeology has remarkable artifacts from the prehistory and early history, among other finds from the hilltop estate about the Kulm at Trofaiach from the time 800 before Christ and from the local area Trofaiach.

The exhibition center in the museums depot (former substation) belongs to the museum.
The focus here is the Schaudepot and the extensive library of Trofaich and the Eisenstraße. Historical costumes, customs and Styrian-literature.

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