Worth seeing

Worth seeing

copyright Stadtgemeinde Leoben, picture: Freisinger

Pilgrimage Church to St. Antonius

An impressive sight from the year 1602

Wallfahrtskirche mit zwei Zwiebeltürmen von oben fotografiertPilgrimage Church St. Antonius, © Erlebnisregion Erzberg, picture: Gottsbacher

Radmer an der Stube (also known as Vorderradmer) is the main place of the valley. You can find here an impressive sight: the 1602 Emperor Kaiser Ferdinand II, built the baroc pilgrimage church “zum heiligen Antonius von Padua”, which counts among the most beautiful in the country.

With the beginning of the copper mining, in the middle of the 16th cenruty, the time of the reformation was also a resettlement in the region Radmer valley.

Between 1600 -1602 in the course of the Counter Reformation Archduke Ferdinand II from Austria built a donated baroque church. The two bell towers were highered in 1692 and granted its today double onion helmet in 1757.

October 15th 1951, the building was badly damaged in a fire, but rebuilt by 1953.

In the interior of the church the first look inevitably falls to the magnificent ceiling decorated with stucco and her beautiful attached frescoes from an unknown artist.

Magnificent is the rest of the baroque interior, which is very artfully worked and the picture of a high baroque church rounds the inside.


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