Worth seeing

Worth seeing

copyright Stadtgemeinde Leoben, picture: Freisinger

Museum of Montan-university Leoben

Historical documentation of the Montan-science

The continuous development of the today´s Montan-university (since 1975) – bevore it was an educational establishment, Bergacademy and technical college – caused a large number of illustrative material.

Since 2007 everything still available has been sighted and collected by the museums commissioner. Objects of mining and metallurgy, the basic subject’s chemistry, electrical engineering and physics could be ensured. Mining machinery, materials handling and foundry technology as well as geoscience followed. Completely preserved is the collection of the Markscheidekunde. From foreign experts as milestone geodetic collections called is only partially visible because of space reasons. A very fine collection brought the former library director Sika together. This can be combined admired with valuabe books, pictures and manuscripts (for example Peter Tunners first textbook).

The 90 m² small museum represents a historic documentation of the Montan-university and is a gem for the university research and a lesson from the last 170 years.

Museum der Montanuniversität Leoben
Peter-Tunner-Straße 15
8700 Leoben
T. +43 3842 4027815 oder +43 3842 406201
Call for an appointment to visit!


 Tourismusverband Leoben
      Hauptplatz 3
      8700 Leoben
  +43 3842 48148


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