Worth seeing

Worth seeing

copyright Stadtgemeinde Leoben, picture: Freisinger

The museum in the old Town Hall

Numerous exhibits of Mineralogy, Montan-, Social-, and Culture history

Mehrere Personen im alten Gewand wandern durch die WiesenMuseum in the old Town Hall, © Erlebnisregion Erzberg, picture: Krapf

The administrative building of the once world famous steel market is today a place, where history comes alive. Numerous exhibits from the field mineralogy, montan, social and culture history gives a deep insight of the relationship between the Styrian Erzberg, the city and the cultural heritage from Eisenerz.

Styrian Iron from Innerberg (text Dr. Günter).

The quality of iron from the smelters Innerberg and Vordernberg were in the 16th century undisputed. For the defense of the country as well as to expand the own territory is why the emperor already appreciated this iron, to make guns, cannon balls and harness for his country´s servants.

His Innerberger office and tollman Hans Haug was in charge of the iron shipment and the expansion of the church parish and the weir St. Oswald. Even today represents this defiant church castle one of the most impressive monuments of Styria and gives the impression of the life in the old Eisenmark Innerberg/Eisenerz.

The inhabitant of this place on the north side of Erzberg, the Innerberger will be given special attention in an exhibit this year. With their diligence and fighting spirit these times of need survived religious wars and major sociopolitical changes. Hard but warm is this crowd of humans till today.

“The Innerberg hard working and defensive” Eisenerz history once differently. Museum in Old Town Hall, Bergmannplatz 1, 8790 Eisenerz, Tuesday till Sunday from 10:00 to 16.00 o´clock.

Peter Rosegger and the Eisenerz hatmaker daughter

The least have known or heard from the love of the famous styrian poet and writer Peter Rosegger. It was plain coincidence that brought this to daylight. That and many other events and stories from Eisenerz bring the new richly illustrated old town guide to the language, who would like to accompany you through the old town center. Both as a local and as a guest can you dive into the history of the old mountain town with this little book. Available in the museum, the library and the information office of the borough and in the Erzhoamat.


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