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Top Attractions

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Gösseum/Gösser brewery

The brewing of Austria´s best beer

Außenansicht des Gösseum mit Glasfront und dahinter kleine KircheGösseum, © Brauunion

A trip through time! How do you brew with the most valuable ingredients the best beer in Austria? What makes Gösser so unique? How Gösser beer which originated from Leoben became such a big trademark in Austria over the decades. Dive in our passion: The brewing of Austria’s best beer.

A visit at the brewing museum Gösser is a journey through time. It starts with the documented foundation of Stift Göss in the year 1010.

A lot has changed through the centuries, but the beer brewing spans a bow between old and young. In the TV commercial collection you can see the constant development from one of the biggest Austrian trade marks over the centuries. Modern technic and architecture, historic antiques and the possibility to watch the brewing prozess close up – all that can be witnessed in Leoben Göss.

At the end of the exciting journey through history of brewing beer one can not miss the actual tasting: The end of your visit includes a freshly tapped beer tasting of a Gösser specialty. Every visitor will be surprised with a little souvenir.


Combine the visit of the brewery museum with a brewery visit or Stift Göss - the true cradle of Gösser beer. In the Gösser Boutique a fan or one who wants to become one will find clothing, accessories and much more.

Opening hours:
On weekends and holidays from April 5th – October 26th fixed tours at 11:00 and 15:00 o´clock or by appointment all year round.

Gösser Braumuseum
Brauhausgasse 1
8700 Leoben/Göss
T. +43 3842 2090 5802
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Check out the guided tours!


 Tourismusverband Leoben
      Hauptplatz 3
      8700 Leoben
  +43 3842 48148


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