Top Attractions

Top Attractions

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Asia Spa Leoben - for the whole family

Rest and Relaxation

Mutter mit den Kindern im FreibadFamily in the Asia Spa, © Asia Spa, picture: Wöckinger

Located only 50 km north of Graz the Asia Spa Leoben offers with its impressive architecture and holistic relaxation concept all conditions for a stress free break.

A world of rest and relaxation

If you like it a bit calmer, it is best to enjoy a sauna. The experienced masters of the sauna make daily sauna infusions that fit the season. A special event is the sauna infusions with a unique mixture of smells, which make the guests feel like they are in a far eastern state. Flowery, woody and fruity additives in the infusion water prevent colds and feel relaxing and contemplative to the guests. Sauna is also in summer time recommended to strengthen the immune and the cardiovascular system. The change from heat to refreshing cooling in the plunge pool supports the well-being of the body. After the infusion you can enjoy a bath in 34°C warm water in the so called Solebecken.

Enriched with natural bath salts the water supports the easing of the skin muscles and improves the oxygen absorption.

Tensions are best solved after a wellness and cosmetic application.

No matter if Aroma-Meridian, Nuad Thai or a facial mask or manicure, dive into a world of total relaxation.

Bathing fun for the whole family

Relax to your heart’s desire in the warm pool while the sun shines in your face. Varied sparkle attractions support the regeneration of body and soul. The 25 m indoor as well as the 50 m outdoor lap pool lure motion hungry to stay in shape for every season. The pool area invites with a spatially completely separated from the wellness area, with a training pool, flow channel, slide tower, children´s playroom and much more for families with kids for a daytrip.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 10:00–21:00 o´clock

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 9:00–21:00 o´clock

Asia Spa Leoben
In der Au 3, 8700 Leoben
T.+43 3842 24 500
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 Tourismusverband Leoben
      Hauptplatz 3
      8700 Leoben
  +43 3842 48148


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