The spring is coming

The spring is coming

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Adventure Erzberg - the Mining Mania

Hauly drive, experience a live blasting and the mine

Der Hauly auf dem Erzberg unterwegs, dahinter sieht man die großen Stufen des Erzberges

The Erzberg is the biggest ore mining of central Europe, the most important ore deposit site of the Alps, symbol of the industrialization and central part of the Eisenstraße (ore- street). For more than 1300 years is mined at the Syrian Erzberg rocks. Today 12 million tons of rock are mined each year in floor-level mining using state of the art technology.
Through investment, technical innovations and a high quality product is the site for the next centuries secured.

The Mining Mania

The Styrian Erzberg is a worldwide unique trade mark and counts to the top 5 sights of Styria.

3 Tours are offered:

Hauly drive

Guests drive with the 860 PS strong and biggest Cab of the world – the Hauly - the stairs of the Erzberg and can watch the active Ore mining heavy duty trucks at work. During the 1 hour drive guests get to know useful information about ore mining and the everyday work of the miners.

Live blast

On Thursdays guests can experience the ore mining close up! Guests are being taken directly to the blowing up with a Hauly and experience how approx. 80.000 tons of ore and rocks are being blasted.

Season 2018
28.04.2018- 31.10.2018: Opening hours: Visitor center (valley-station) daily from 8:30 till 16.30 o´clock, Tours daily from 10:00 till 15:00 o´clock

A reservation secures a spot on the offered tours!

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