Top Attractions

Top Attractions

copyright Abenteuer Erzberg, picture: August Zoebl

Top Attractions  - these sights are worth seeing

Unique sights of Styria

Are you very picky? Because we are!

Especially when it comes to the Top Attractions. Because we have a lot of top attractions of different kind in our Leoben region, so many actually that the guests can expect in “Top category” something very special.

We invite you at a local inspection to persuade personally that our sights in Styria are unique and top.

Der Hauly auf dem Erzberg unterwegs, dahinter sieht man die großen Stufen des ErzbergesErzberg, © Adventure Erzberg, picture: August Zoebl

Adventure Erzberg in Eisenerz

The Erzberg is the biggest ore mining of central Europe, the most important ore deposit site of the Alps, symbol of the industrialization and central part of the Eisenstraße (ore- street).

Außenansicht des Gösseum mit Glasfront und dahinter kleine KircheGösseum, © Brauunion

Gösseum/Gösser brewery

What makes Gösser so unique? How Gösser beer which originated from Leoben became such a big trademark in Austria over the decades. Combine the visit of the brewery museum with a brewery visit or Stift Göss.

Mutter mit den Kindern im FreibadFamily in the Asia Spa, © Asia Spa, picture: Wöckinger

Asia Spa Leoben - wellness oasis in the heart of the city

The Asia Spa Leoben - located 50 km near Graz - offers holistic relaxation for a stress free break.

Woman on the lakeLeopoldsteiner Lake, © Steiermark Tourismus, picture: ikarus

Der Leopoldsteinersee

Embedded in a beautiful forest lansdscape, the mountain lake is 1400 meter long and 370 meter wide.

Eule und dahinter eine Mutter mit Kind im ArmThe wild mountain, © Der Wilde Berg, picture: Wassler

Der wilde Berg in Mautern (the wild mountain)

The wild mountain in Mautern (Styria) has many attractions and is ideal for family excursions.


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