Events in Styria

Events in Styria

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OTA Globetrotter – Rodeo 2020

Travel & Offroad Fair at Erzberg

Jeap mitten im Geröll OTA Globetrotter-Rodeo, © Abenteuer Erzberg, picture: Frank Herber

Jeep in the middle of scree date: August 28th – 30th 2019

4.500 visitors and 1.500 long distance travel and off-road vehicle gather on the annual unique terrain on the Erzberg. It is a worldwide event for travel-, off-road- and photography lovers. The Globetrotter-Rodeo on the Erzberg is gradually growing and already one of the most important events for individual travel in Europe and with distance, one of the biggest events in Austria.

Especially captivating is the fascinating scenery of the known Styrian Erzberg and the friendly and familiar being together from thousand visitors of the European travel and Offroad scene. A perfect combination, that offers just the right adventure for everyone.

You always wanted to drive yourself behind the wheel of a 10 ton heavy and 300 PS strong Offroad-Truck? You have the possibility at the OTA Globetrotter – 600.000 qm free rideable driving terrain with all difficulty levels.

You can expect high quality Dia and Multimedia lectures from winning adventurers. Workshops to the themes: Vehicle technology, outdoor, first-aid, Photography, audiovision, a 4x4 Erzberg ride with your own vehicle to the top of the Erzberg. Hauly-ride with 170 tons heavy mining trucks on the active mining terrain. Kids can let off steam at the mini-excavator, tractor, pile of sand and bouncecastle. That and much more will await you on the Erzberg Globetrotter.

Rounded off is the event with diversified, regional and international gastronomy and together with the big campfire it takes care of a cozy festival atmosphere.

Culinary, the following is offered:

  • Mr. Fly’s – from the authentic Cubano Sandwich, Texas-style-smoked-pulled-pork to homemade cheese-nachos.
  • Cairo Corner – Egypt and north-african Specialties, food and drinks
  • The Fire cook – exclusive menus directly from Feuerkoch David Wiessner onsite on woodfire cooked.
  • Theos Würstelstand – classic Austrian Snacks, food and drinks
  • Brew Bar – Coffee personally brewed from Vize-worldchampion in coffee making – Johanna Wechselberger
  • Icemanufacture – homemade ice from the Weisenheimer icemanufacture
  • Evys Schnapsbar – homemade shot-specialties from Styria, in the evening in the event tent available.
  • Bakery Schwarzlmüller – Fresh biscuits, Plunder and coffee available on Saturday and Sunday from 07:30 o´clock at Camp Martini (red Info-Pavillon at the entrance) and at exhibition area at lecture tent (same in rainy weather).
  • Friday comes the bakery car at 07:30 o´clock at the exhibitor area and then to Camp Martini.

Further information at:

OTA Events
Arzwaldgraben 69
8122 Land-Übelbach
T. +43 3125 27028


 Tourismusverband Leoben
      Hauptplatz 3
      8700 Leoben
  +43 3842 48148


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