Events in Styria

Events in Styria

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Erzberg Rodeo - the motorsport event at the iron giant

11th - 14th June - The legendary high speed race to the Erzberg top

Motorcrossfahrer fährt über Stock und Stein auf den ErzbergErzberg rodeo, copyright Red Bull, picture: Sebastian Marko

The annual field of the Erzberg rodeo which is booked out over months reads itself like the Who-is-Who in the international Enduroscene. 1.500 participants from 40 nations compete with the best of the world against the „Iron mountain“.

Four days of full throttle

The legendary high speed race to the Erzberg top doesn´t just count for the Red Bull Hare Scramble qualifying, but at the starting position of this yearly prestige magnificent prologue podium are the fastest offroad athletes from all over the world.

Top speed from over 180 km/h on the curvy and many selective chicane routes are no easy task and so divides the prolog quickly the chaff from the wheat.

Only the 500 best drivers from the Iron Road Prolog are definitely at the starting position Erzberg Rodeo highlight and are happily allowed to the undoubtedly hardest Xtreme Enduro challenge.

Nearly 6.000 participants and accompanying persons, 800 employees, 250 international press and media representatives and nearly thousand VIP guests populate the specially built „Little Town on the Iron mountain“.

More than 40.000 enthusiastic fans experience on the 4 days of the event motorsport on the highest level: 1.500 participants from 38 nations and all continents put themselves against the race of the „Iron Giants“, including the assembled world elite of the Motorcycle offroadsports. The Red Bull Hare Scramble offers an extremely exciting race course and captivated thanks to live broadcast from Servus TV and on Red Bull TV Motosportfans around the globe for 4 hours.

Date: June 11th till 14th 2020

Erzbergrodeo XX4
Am Erzberg 1
8790 Eisenerz


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      Hauptplatz 3
      8700 Leoben
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