The spring is coming

The spring is coming

copyright TV Leoben, Foto: Freisinger

Brew-Town-Festival on the Leobener main-square

Hops and Malt: August 7th 2020

View of the well-filled main square at the Brew-Town-Festival

On the international day of beer the northern main-square completely in the sign of hops and malt, straw bales, cases of beer etc. to ensure the style-appropriate ambience of the traditional beer festival, which for the second time is from the citymanagement Leoben organized.

Visit the Leobener Brew-Town-Festival

The Inns take care of your physical well-being and excite the guests again this year with beery delicacies. Let´s look forward to a great party, which is all about the beer! Further information you can get under


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