Costum & tradition

Costum & tradition

copyright Erzberg, picture: August Zoebl

Custom on the Eisenstraße

Bergparade c MontanuniMountain parade, © Montanuniversity Leoben

The custom and tradition of the miners characterized for centuries the life of the Erzberg Leoben region. Until today this special custom is being kept and lives through the many Barbara celebrations, to honor the patron saint of the miners, etc.

Saint Barbara is the patron saint of the miners, geologists, bell ringer, bell pourer, blacksmith, bricklayer, stonemason, carpenter, roofer, electrician, architect, gunners, pyrotechnician, firemen, gravedigger, hat maker, the girls and the prisoner. She counts to the fourteen emergency helpers against thunderstorm, fire danger, fever, Pest and sudden death.

Very impressive is the mining Barbara celebration every year around December 4th in Eisenerz, Radmer and Vordernberg.

The miner with the light still stands at the market place fountain in Eisenerz. He proudly wears his white Bergkittel and black Arschleder, which once protected him in the dark narrow tunnel from cold and wet and did good service in the ore mining.

With his stature, the miner remains connected for a lifetime, which commands the tradition and the unforgettable hours at the side of comrades with whom he has often done shared hard work under most difficult conditions.

The figure of the miner belongs accordingly like the Erzberg to those symbolic constants, which have shaped the life on the Eisenstraße for over 13oo years.

Many sights and museums along the Styrian Eisenstraße like the Montanmuseum Gußerk, the Schaubergwerk Styrian Eisenstraße, the Erzwanderweg or the Gösser brewery museum make the vacation to a real adventure.

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