Costum & tradition

Costum & tradition

copyright Erzberg, picture: August Zoebl

Lived custom and mining tradition

Barbara celebration with Barbara-Gulasch and Barbara beer

The lived custom and the connected tradition with the proud miners determine over centuries the life-style in the Leoben region.

Especially at the Saint Barbara celebration, beginning of December are a lot of different events in the communities around the Styrian Eisenstraße. They are mining events for and with the population, which attracts many visitors from abroad: with mountain parades and Ledersprung, sword-dances and traditional songs.

The Barbara Gulasch brings the regional tradition especially to the table, with it comes the special brewed Barbara beer from the Gösser brewery.The festive mashing of this beer has become the kick-off event for all Barbara festivities in the Styrian Eisenstraße.

Studenten beim traditionenellen LedersprungLedersprung, © Montanuniversity Leoben

Montan-custom in the Montanuniversity Leoben

Through tradition and custom is the much summoned Leoben spirit alive.

Steinbrech - Arbeitswerkzeug für BergleuteThe custom and tradition of the miners, © Stadtgemeinde Leoben, picture: Freisinger

Custom on the Eisenstraße

The custom and tradition of the miners characterized for centuries the life of the Erzberg Leoben region.


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