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Omi´s Apfelstrudel drink

Vegan culture-drink from Leoben

Omis ApfelstrudelFruit Juice, © Omi's Apfelstrudel

Four years ago a couple of creative Styrians came up with a splendid business idea and filled it in a bottle: Omi´s Apfelstrudel drink is an organic fruit juice that stirred up in no time the tastes from Leoben to the US and still until today provides for conversation regularly.

Made from 100% natural juice and with cinnamon aroma provided, presented “die Omi” as the fans call it, at the beginning in a slim glas bottle in the gastronomy closely followed by the practical 330ml PET format in commerce for all situations. And because Omi always surprises the “Enkerl” with something new, the new flavor Omi´s Marillenknödel came. After all you can drink Omi´s Apfelstrudel already, now you should be allowed to spoon it - as ice-cream. Only recently came the makers of Omi´s Apfelstrudel with another surprise: Omi´s Apfelstrudel g´spritzt in the 330ml retro can, for at home, the garden, for quickly inbetweeen or for safety as stock. With 100% natural springwater enriched, refreshes Omi her Enkerl also g´spritzt in the can since July 2017.

The motto #dieomihateuchlieb and #omimachtglücklich is Omi´s Apfelstrudel optionally in the glas bottle, PET – as well as in carbonated form in a can in the trade and gastronomy available. At www.omis-apfelstrudel.at informs “die Omi” about ingredients, product news and all Omi-shops. That not enough, is Omi´s Apfelstrudel as vegan all round talent under the refreshing drinks also in the social media in motion: 70.000 Enkerl accompany Omi´s adventure daily on facebook, 32.000 Instagram followers on omis_apfelstrudel_fruit_juice with pictures and videos to always be up to date.



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