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Gut- Besser- Gösser - the famous beer from Leoben

Leere Gösserflaschen nebeneinander aufgereihtGösser beer, © BrauunionGöss brewing started in the 19th century

No Leobener product is as famous as the Gösser beer with the slogan Gut-Besser-Gösser. In the district Leoben – Göss brewing started in the 19th century and the famous Gösser beer is a part of living in this town. There are hardly any events that doesn´t start with a beer tapping or the Hop drink is being served.

Whoever would like to taste the variety of this beer has the opportunity to visit the Gösser brew museum Gösseum and the brewery with a guided tour and a tasting. Here you not only get theoretical knowledge taught but you can also enjoy it.

Of course pretty much every Inn pours out Gösser beer and you will find in many menus typical beer specialties like the Gösser Biergulasch, the Biersoup or the Bierrostbraten.

If you are looking for an original gift as a beer lover or have a sweet tooth, the Schokoria Elisabeth has a beer chocolade from Zotter.

Tip for an overnight stay:

Spend a night in the Gösser room at the Hotel Kongress with fresh draft Gösser beer right next to your bed.


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