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Specialties from the region

What you can get everywhere else, when it comes to food and drinks; you can get it of course here as well. But we want to spoil you just a little bit more, or better surprise you with specialties, which have a strong connection to the region. Be it through culinary products, which exclusively come from our farmers, or dishes refined with beerigen ingredients. You will be astonished, what the Leoben region also in this regard has to offer.

Zwei Personen beim Anstoßen mit BierErzberg Brew, © Erzbergbräu

Erzberg Brew - beer from Eisenerz

At the beer culinarium with the certified beer sommelier are to the multi-course menu matching beers from all over the world. Or you can brew your own beer at the brew seminar.

Die GenussReich Produzenten auf einem Foto mitten in der herrlichen Landschaft© GenussReich, picture: Freisinger

The GenussReich in Styria

The many producers, enjoyment stores, Inns, craft businesses and enjoyment farms in the Genussreich area are standing for good taste. Solidarity to our region put their focus on sustainable and comprehensible production methods and good taste.

omis apfelstrudel gruenderTeam, © Omi's Apfelstrudel

Omi´s Apfelstrudel drink

Four years ago a couple of creative Styrians came up with a splendid business idea and filled it in a bottle: Omi´s Apfelstrudel drink is an organic fruit juice that stirred up in no time the tastes from Leoben to the US and still until today provides for conversation regularly.

Gläserne Vitrine mit Schokoladevarianten zum KaufenSchokoria Elisabeth, © TV Leoben

Schokoria Elisabeth

The Leobener gift item shop thrills for more than 20 years with 80 different pralines and truffle specialties as well as countless, delicious, hand made chocolades.

Leere Gösserflaschen nebeneinander aufgereihtGösser beer, © Brauunion

Gut- Besser-Gösser

No Leobener product is as famous as the Gösser beer with the slogan Gut-Besser-Gösser.


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