Restaurant tips

Restaurant tips

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Restaurant Petutschnig & Vinothek

Innenansicht: Gastzimmer mit schön gedeckten TischenRestaurant Petutschnig, © TV HerzBergLand

Guest room, Dining room, Wine cellar

Since 1986 operate Dagmar and Helmut Petutschnig the everywhere known and popular restaurant Petutschnig in Traboch. In the guest room is a tile oven which creates the right ambiente for the guests.

In the design of the dining room was a special harmony considered, so that the guests feel like home. Restaurant Petutschnig – Vinothek Klapotetz is anytime a hot tip, for getting spoiled.


The air-conditioned (red and white wines are in separate climate zones stored). The tasting room invites for a good drop from the vaults with ca. 120 different wines to get. If you feel like taking that good drop home, you have the opportunity to buy it on site for Vinothek prices.
The varied wine offer includes well-known winemakers:

  • Franz Strablegg-Leitner
  • Eichberg Gamlitz
  • Gollenz, Tieschen
  • Walter Skoff, Gamlitz
  • Gründl, St.Veit am Vogau
  • Karl Alphart, Taiskirchen
  • Weingut Malat, Kremstal
  • Ploder Rosenberg,St. Peter am Ottersbach
  • Hahnenkamp, Neusiedlersee
  • Heinrich, Deutschkreutz

More international wines from from Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina and France include our offer.

Annual schedule

Carnival´s end: HERINGSSCHMAUS with following Fish specialties
Easter: Lamb and Fawn dish from domestic animals
In the spring time it´s going to be hearty: Steak week
As soon as the wild garlic grows, it is cooked with healthy food.
Asparagus sprouts already from the earth and is refined to asparagus dishes.
As vacation anticipation is brought to the guests the Caribbean week for vacation joy.
The first chanterelles are growing and hopefully there are mushrooms, which can be cooked, fried or baked for the guests’ plates.
In the hot season are light dishes like Nudeln cooked and diverse Salads served.
When slowly the leaves are falling from the trees, the STYRIANWEEKS are to be boiled which only contain regional farmers’ products.
In the time around November 11th is the MARTINIGANSL served and then follow the WILDWEEKS,
It starts snowing and the preparations start for the Christmas parties and the holidays.

Restaurant Petutschnig & Vinothek
Bahnweg 1
8772 Traboch
T. +43 3833 8279
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 Tourismusverband Leoben
      Hauptplatz 3
      8700 Leoben
  +43 3842 48148


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