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Brewery & Needs Tavern Erzbergbrew

Zwei Personen, die mit einem Bier anstoßen© Erzbergbrew

Erzbergbrew: iconic beer from Eisenerz

Since 2012 is the Erzbergbrew next to the well known Gösser the second beer brand of the High Styrian region. Beer tasting in the private brewery is a must for all beer lovers who are searching for something special.

Currently 3 varieties are brewed: the “Gruamhunt” is a cellar beer, which is like the Ur Märzenbeer (not the Austrian Märzen) a beer in amber color, with not too much carbonic acid so it is called wonderful “süffig”.

The Porter “Noar” in dark black with wonderful roasted aromas was 2013 vice national champion in this category. Also in some areas known and liked cold hopped Pale Ale is there to taste – the “DreiHops” convinced with its wonderful hop aroma and bitter finish.

In addition, other seasonal beer types are brewed and enjoyed on an ongoing basis:
Stayrisch dark, BockBock,Belgisch Steil, TryDry Stout etc.pp.

Needs Tavern in Eisenerz

Those who are particularly interested, guided tours, brewing courses and culinary delights are also offered. Regional, seasonal and organic fair kitchen complements the enjoyment rich offer of this unique location.

Opening hours:
Friday from 11:00 - 23:00 o´clock
Saturday from 17:00 – 23:00 o´clock and after agreement

Ing. Reini Schenkermaier & Helga Leis-Schenkermaier
Trofengbachgasse 2
8790 Eisenerz
Trofengbachgasse 2, 8790 Eisenerz
T. +43 664 320 2340
F. +43 1 253 6722 1819
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