Mountain pastures and cottages

Mountain pastures and cottages

copyright Erzberg, picture: August Zöbl

Mountain pastures and cottages of the region

Mountain tour: beautiful views of the mountain

There´s no sin on the mountain pastures! A saying you have probably heard before. There is plenty of opportunity in the region: Convince yourself. The many mountain pastures are ideal for a tryout.

You decide if you want to reach the cottage after a short or long tour. The reward for your trouble going upwards is in any case pure nature, beautiful views of the mountain world and a “zünftige” snack in a cottage.

Tip for the impaired: You can reach many mountain pastures by car.

Außenansicht des wunderschön renovierten BauernhausesStadlmeier Alml front view, © Stadlmeier Alm

Stadlmeier Alm at the foot of the Mugel

The old farm was renovated by the family Bleyer, who built a beautiful wine-cellar as additional attraction.

Außenansicht des Gasthauses auf der Pamplicher-WarteHiking trail, © Pampichler Warte


The Inn lies in the heart of Leoben. Here you have a wonderful panoramic view at the city and the mountains surrounding it.

Außenansicht des Mugelschutzhauses - vor der Hütte befinden sich eine Viezahl an WandererMugelschutzhaus, © TV Leoben


The Mugelschutzhaus lies in the mountain group of the Gleinalp and is a modern shelter of Styria. From the guest rooms you have an impressive view at the Mürz-, Mur- and Vordernbergertal.

Außenansicht der HütteGsollalm, © Erlebnisregion Erzberg, picture: Brandner

Gsollalm - Eisenerz

1201 meter above sea level lies the Gsollalm where you can eat homemade delicacies and styrian specialities.

Anblick auf die LiesingkaralmLiesingkaralm, © Palten Liesing Erlebnistäler

Managed Alpine Pastures in Palten-Liesingtal

A wonderful view with the silence and a Brettljause.

Außenansicht der Hirnalm umring von BäumenHirnalm, © TV HerzBergLand, picture: Birgit Schramböck

Hirnalm on 937 m sea-level

At the Hirnalm you can get styrian meals. The alm is accessible by car, it offers a big parking lot.

Hiaslegg c Birgit Schramboeck HerzBergLandAlm tavern to Hiaslegg, © TV HerzBergLand, picture: Birgit Schramböck

Alm tavern to Hiaslegg

The cottage is the starting point for many hikes. Surrounded by mountains you can eat hearty meals.


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