Water fun

Water fun

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Stand Up Paddling - in and around Leoben

The trend sport from Hawaii on the Mur

Mann stehend auf einem Brett auf der Mur mit PaddelStand Up Paddeling, © TV Leoben, picture: Claudia Shane

Stand-Up-Paddling means nothing else but standing on a kind of surfboard to paddle. This trend sport finds its origin in Hawaii. Now it reached also the Mur, it is possible in and around Leoben to try this new kind of water sport.

The LE-Boat house offers the possibility SUP boards and the necessary equipment (wet suit and swim vests are recommended) to rent.

Special courses and tours with an SUP instructor are offered.

A perfect outdoor adventure in High Styria

Depending on which specification you set for yourself, the SUP board can be relaxing, challenging meditative and athletically. In any case offers this leisure activity fun at any weather and a special perspective from the water.

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