Water fun

Water fun

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Leisure center Trabocher See

Fishing, Pedal boat, Minigolf and Tennis

Blick auf den TrabocherseeFishing, copyright TV HerzBergLand, picture: Freisinger

What was once known as moderate purpose, turned out to be a smart decision from a past community leader. Constant bad weather in the mountains and connected with its devastating floods, also at snow melting times, put the municipal of Styria in a huge problem, because of the place being threatened by nature’s whims. A couple hundred meters above Traboch was the river passed into a huge retention basin, in which the water level could from the Vordernberger Mountains be regulated and by human hand tamed. With the former decision maker and their farsightedness arose the leisure center Traboch, which offers relaxation seekers of all ages a variety of relaxation possibility.

The 7 ha lake invites thanks to the excellent fish stock (Carp, Zander, Tench, Pike etc.) and especially the Petri to enjoy a couple of hours of fishing. A specialty is the monthly night fishing.

But if you aren´t a fisher? Take a Pedal boot ride, play Mini-golf or Tennis. A big playground is available for the kids. You can also bike or skate-board around the asphalt circle way around the lake, or you just take a simple forest walk and watch the fishes, ducks, dragon flies and swans. In winter time the lake is a favorite place for ice skating and ice curling.

Fishers’ paradise Trabocher See

The 7 ha Trabochersee lets due to its excellent fish stocking a fisher’s heart beat faster. A specialty is the monthly night fishing in the summer. In the Trabochersee awaits a fischer Carp, Amure, Tench, Bream, Pike, Zander and catfish on the fishing rod.

Fishing times 2017:
03.04. – 31.05. 05:00 till 20:00 o´clock
01.06. – 31.07. 05:00 till 21:00 o´clock
01.08. – 30.09. 05:30 till 20:00 o´clock
01.10. – 29.10. 06:00 till 19:00 o´clock

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T. +43 660 27 77 505
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