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Outdoor & free time

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Lama-walks in Mautern

Eine Frau im Dirndl sitzt am Haflinger und dahinter steht ein junger Mann in Tracht mit zwei Lamas.Lama-walks, © TV Palten Liesing Erlebnistaeler, picture: Wassler

Lamas – these impressive and fascinating four-legged friends

Lamas – these impressive and fascinating four-legged friends – are taken as companion animal on the trip. Let yourself be in contact with these meek and proud animals.

Lama walks with companies

An unforgettable adventure for your employees or your best clients. Make them happy and invite them to an unusual and unforgettable adventure, which strengthens the team work. Say thanks and motivate your employees. The Rösslhof team will gladly put an offer for your employees or clients together. Together with the GenussReich-Partner will they offer culinary delights on the farm.

You choose at the beginning one of our five Lamas and lead during the common hike with a robe as the chef or in eye height with your partner. It can also happen that the four-legged animal takes over the lead, which can be very interesting. Sometimes a close connection between animal and human can happen. With respect and attentiveness one has the opportunity to get to know the characteristic of the animal better.

You walk in a group as little as 3 people and their lamas through a varying landscape of forests and meadows.

  • 1- to 3-hour Lama-Walks
  • Group Size of 3 People
  • Infos about the attitude and origin of the animal
  • Get to know the Lamas
  • Walks with the Lamas through the nature
  • Mindfulness days with lama and horse

Why mindfulness with lama and horse? Mindfulness exercises in company of horses and llamas succeed especially well.

Tip: Mindfulness weekend with Horse, Lama & Co

  • 2-days Mindfulness-Training with Horse, Lama & Co
  • Group size between 4 und 6 People
  • 2-6 Horses as Co-Trainer
  • 2-5 Lamas as Co-Trainer
  • Strengthening of the positive thoughts
  • Selfreflection to personal Themes
  • Recognize personal Potential
  • Individual exercises with the horse
  • Little silence-walk with Lama
  • Silence exercises
  • Active Meditation

Price :
€ 258 per person ( bookable all year)

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