Outdoor & free time

Outdoor & free time

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Herbal hikes and Workshops with Mike & the Muse

Mysterious World of the Wild and Medicinal Herbs

Trockenschuppen für die Kräuter, die Kräuter hängen kopfüber herunterHerbal hikes, © Mike und the Muse

Experience around the ARTfarm a house in the Niklasdorfer forest with individual herbal hikes and workshops.

The ARTfarm is a refuge, a place of the retreat and the possibility to transform from one moment to the next into a healing and energetic world.

Back to nature, slowing down, healthy, nutritious, and delicious healing herbs, those are the hobby horses of Mike & the Muse.

Dive into a mysterious and healing world of wild and healing herbs. You will be shown which herbs you can eat, collect, cook, preserve and how you can create your own healing cream with just a few steps.

In this turbulent time where it is almost impossible to revoke from the constant Media fire, in which our industrialized food can hardly deliver a little more than a guilty conscience and fall prey to the power and greed of the chemical corporations. It seems all the more important to remember what is still real, honest, alive and healthy -  it is our nature.

Embark on an exciting discovery with nature.

Mike & The Muse – Kräuter und Lifestyle
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8712 Niklasdorf
T. 43 699 15665386
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