Holidays in Leoben

Holidays in Leoben

copyright TV Leoben, picture: Freisinger

Das Murufer in Leoben schneebedeckt im Winterkleid
Ein Skifahrer fährt durch einen tief verschneiten Wald
Außenansicht am Abend der Fassade der St. Xaver Kirche in Leoben
Das Leobener Christkind blickt durch ein Fenster und lächelt 2 Kinder an.
Das Entspannungsbecken in der Wellnessoase Asia Spa Leoben
Ein Bergmannsstatue moniert über den Dächern von Leoben
Ein Skifahrer genießt den Sonnenaufgang am schneebedeckten Berg
Außenansicht der Wellnessoase Asia Spa Leoben bei Nacht - Solebecken und Liegebreich
Ein Pärchen genießt die Aussicht beim Skifahren am Berg
Nahaufahme der Spitze des Schwammerlturmes bei Nacht mit eingeschaltener Weihnachtsbeleuchtung


It is said that there aren´t any treasures anymore. It is said that there isn´t anything to discover anymore and that the world is opened up into its last corner, researched, lit up and conquered. That the time of discoverers would be long behind us and heroes are from yesterday. It is said that there is no more new territory and that there is no more real freedom. But: do you want to believe that? Discover Erzberg Leoben. Here nature forged a treasure of the elements which stays unique worldwide. From the people of the region cherished and cared for, from the mass tourism untouched. Discover the powers of the Erzberg. Feel crystal clear mountain waters and purest alpine air. Experience the magnetic attraction of an ancient cultural landscape. Dive into the crackling, lively tradition of Styria. Celebrate in one of the biggest Beer garden of Austria, the lively main square of the historic Montan metropolis Leoben. Enjoy Gösser, the beer of the miners. Use the tremendous variety of this rich region. Real freedom exists as long as we believe in it. Real treasures are there as long as we are looking for them. You be the explorer of a rich treasure. Experience Erzberg Leoben.



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